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Dealing with Underrun Orders at the PC-Topp.NET Machine Terminal (23.03.12)

New PDF Order Production Card (23.02.12)

Machine Terminal: Option to Enforce Completing all Quality Checks before Shift Change (07.12.11)

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The Experienced Scheduling System

PC-Topp, the Proven Scheduling Solution for the Corrugated Industry

Have a quick glance at what PC-Topp has to offer: PC-Topp.NET Presentation

Neugebauer Rhapso GmbH and Rhapso S.A. are now part of EFI. Please see Press Release for more information.

Neugebauer Rhapso GmbH provides production scheduling software for the Corrugated industry in 39 countries, from single plants to great international groups like Rossmann, Smurfit Kappa, SCA Packaging, and others.

More than 39 years of development and the experiences from 300 plants stand behind PC-Topp, the integrated solution for scheduling production on the corrugator and conversion machines, with links to the plant's commercial data processing system.

PC-Topp, the expert solution, is within easy reach: No need to abandon the commercial software currently in use, no need for a complex new hardware system.

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