Latest PC-Topp.NET Developments
Published 28.01.2005

More Intuitive Search for Machines, Customers etc.

PC-Topp Search Box Changing from one machine, customer etc. to another has become faster and more intuitive:

In the past, when you did not exactly know the name or the number you wanted you had to use a search dialog to look it up. This has been replaced by an easy-to-handle dropdown list.

It pops up as soon as you enter the first letter in the search box, offering you a list of all matching items. The more characters you enter the shorter the list gets, making it easy to spot what you are looking for.

If you don't know even the first character or if you want to view the complete list of all items just leave the search box empty and click "Find". All available items are immediately displayed for you to scroll through.

By navigating through the list either by mouse or via the up / down keys, you can select the desired item which is instantly displayed on the screen.

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