Latest PC-Topp.NET Developments
Published 19.05.2005

Long Overdue Orders Can Be Cleared out of the TGV Machine Load Now

In some plants, there are lots of orders with due dates in the distant past that must stay in PC-Topp because they cannot be produced for one reason or another, but will definitely be produced at a later date. PC-Topp treats those orders as overdue and very urgent, although in fact they are dormant until someone decides to put them into production. As a result, they distort the figures in the TGV machine load.

The right way to avoid this would be to assign realistic due dates - in the future - to those orders. This however is not done in many places, for various reasons.

TGV Configuration Now PC-Topp offers a way to keep those orders out of the TGV machine load:

When activated, this feature keeps those orders out of the machine load if they are marked as "blocked" either by Planning or by Sales, and either only for orders with due dates in the past, or for all such orders. (By default, the setting is inactive; all orders appear in the TVG.)

Any user with PC-Topp.NET administrator rights can invoke the feature from the TGV screen: A link in the toolbox on the left of the page leads to a configuration page.