Latest PC-Topp.NET Developments
Published 27.05.2008

New Board Grade Upgrade Summary

The Board Grade Upgrade Summary shows all board grades by flute type including up- and downgrades, with data on quantity and cost, and totals by flute type.
Published 26.05.2008

Settings Page for Pallet Types

A new PC-Topp.NET page allows defining pallet types available for selection in palletisation as an alternative to pre-defined pallet types.

Categories: Palletisation

Published 23.05.2008

New Cutting Die and Printing Die Usage Report

A new Crystal report shows usage rates for cutting resp. printing dies by die number.
Published 05.05.2008

Underrun Tolerance Visible in Statistics

The OTDATA field Underrun Tolerance is now available in PC-Topp.NET corrugator and conversion statistics.