Latest PC-Topp.NET Developments
Published 30.09.2011

Downtime Cause Analysis Report

PC-Topp.NET Downtime Cause Analysis ReportThe Downtime Cause Analysis report offers a graphical overview of a selected downtime cause or group on corrugator and conversion machines during a selectable period, including figures as well as total and average downtime duration. It can be grouped by shift, day, week or month. You can select either one specific downtime cause or a group of downtime causes to be displayed.

Published 27.09.2011

New Reports on Machine and Crew Leader Performance

For getting a better overview of the overall performance of machines and crew leaders the following four new reports have been implemented:

Overall Machine Performance

PC-Topp.NET Overall Machine Performance ReportThis report shows performance indicators by machine over a period of one year, with performance per month, totals, and target for the selected year. Performance diagrams illustrate the figures.

Overall Machine Performance by Crew Leader

PC-Topp.NET Overall Machine Performance by Crew Leader Report

This report is almost identical to the Overall Machine Performance report but it additionally shows figures for the crew leaders.

Overall Crew Leader Performance

PC-Topp.NET Overall Crew Leader Performance Report

The Overall Crew Leader Performance report shows performance indicators by crew leader for the selected period compared with average values since the beginning of the year. The report contrasts the crew leader’s monthly performance values with the average of the year. Graphical indicators show if the crew leader performance has improved or changed for the worse.

Published 12.09.2011

Protect Yourself from Damages Claims with Safety Instructions Functionality

Imagine one of the machine operators in your plant has an accident due to issues warned against in the safety instructions provided to the crew. How to prove to your insurance company that he has disregarded or failed to read them?

What It Is Good for

This is where the new Safety Instructions functionality at the PC-Topp.NET Machine Terminal and Multi Machine Terminal comes into play:

  • It forces crew members who haven't signed in at a machine for a certain period of time to take note of important information (e.g. reminders to wear safety clothes, hints on things to keep in mind or changes in the workflow etc).
  • It allows you to prove that a crew member has acknowledged important information so you aren't liable for damages incurred through non-observance.

How It Works

  • Safety Instructions at the PC-Topp.NET Machine TerminalIf a crew member who hasn’t signed in at a machine for the specified number of days signs in at the Machine Terminal a dialog prompts him to read the safety instructions for this machine.
  • This dialog appears if the safety instructions file has been modified, too. Everybody who signs in at the machine for the first time after the modification is prompted to read the changed safety instructions.
  • At the same time the feature demands confirmation by a superior that the person in question has done so, thus guaranteeing that users really view relevant information and don't just skip the dialog.
  • The Safety Instructions feature is best used in conjunction with the PC-Topp.NET Messaging functionality. It can alert the supervisor by email or text message in real time that a crew member has to read the safety instructions, thereby automatically creating written evidence of the procedure.
  • Moreover, when the supervisor comes to the workstation of the person in question to give his confirmation he can print out two copies of the safety instructions, have the person in question sign both, and file one copy in the crew member's personal record.

If the new feature is used as outlined above, your personnel is kept up-to-date on important information, and at the same time the fact that staff members have received this information is fully documented to protect you against unjustified claims.

How to Switch It On

To activate this feature you have to:

  • Upload a safety instructions file to the PC-Topp server via the Machine Settings page (Machine Terminal tab),
  • Define how much time has to pass after the last sign-in of a crew member for the safety instructions to be displayed (in the DataSet Parameters, Machine Terminal tab).