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Published 30.10.2010

New PC-Topp Event Messaging System: Alerts for All Kinds of Events in All Kinds of Media

PC-Topp.NET Events & Actions The freshly created Events & Actions module is a versatile tool for triggering messages on all kinds of unexpected events or situations needing close control. It is highly customizable and can make information on all sorts of events available via a wide variety of media and devices inside as well as outside PC‑Topp, thereby extending PC-Topp’s informational power beyond the system itself.

From downtime alert e-mails to a supervisor and Twitter threads on quality checks to status messages to Management members’ SmartPhones, everybody in charge can receive real time alerts in his preferred technological environment. This ensures that relevant information is noticed in time.


Monitor All Actions and Events

You can closely cover all sorts of user actions and goings-on in production or in the system itself, whether it is unexpected events in production, situations you want to keep an eye on, or system problems. A wide range of message triggers is already implemented and can be further extended on short notice.

The following types of events are currently available, some for free, while others require an additional license. (For a full list of all supported events and more information on event pricing please read PC-Topp.NET Events & Actions)

  • Unexpected or Undesirable Production Events, e.g.
    • Downtimes
    • Excessively long production times or shifts
    • Over- or underrun orders
  • Production Events Indicating or Potentially Causing Irregularities, e.g.
    • Use of the “Undo” functionality at the Machine Terminal
    • Manual runs
    • Pending confirmation of the next order
    • Pending or failed quality checks, failed quality checks that nevertheless got backup approval etc.
    • Production material not prepared
  • Production Situations or Events Where Extra Attention Is Advisable, e.g.
    • Special or problematic orders (with production control code, internal complaints, …)
    • Password protected actions
  • System Related Events and Problems, e.g.
    • System failures (backup failed, terminals off, …)
    • Program Memory full
    • Archiving required

You will find more detailed information on event types and pricing on the following page: PC-Topp.NET Events & Actions


Send Alerts to All Types of Recipients and Media 

Messages can be used very flexibly in a variety of ways to inform certain people or to trigger predefined actions. They can be targeted not only to individual recipients or predefined groups of users or staff members, but also to PC-Topp terminals or even to external services or media.

Or they can trigger actions like setting off devices like alarm lights etc. Currently the following recipient types and target media are supported:

  • E-Mail
    You can send messages to
    • Individual e-mail addresses or recipient groups, including all persons signed in at certain machines or machine groups (machine tables)
    • Personnel Numbers
    • PC-Topp Users
    The system allows easily configuring individual messages as well as creating and using your own HTML e-mail templates.
  • SMS Text Messages
    You can also send messages to a mobile number in SMS format (provided you have an e-mail / SMS server). This greatly helps keeping the persons in charge up to date on the current situation in the plant as the recipient isn’t bound to a workstation to stay informed.
  • PC-Topp.NET Message
    You can send messages to all PC-Topp.NET users in general or to selected PC-Topp.NET users only.
  • Publish in Twitter or in an RSS Feed
    Twittering messages or publishing them in an RSS feed is an interesting way of distributing information beyond the limits of the system to make it available to many people without having to target them individually.
  • Log File Entry
    Another possibility is to have a log file entry written as soon as an event is triggered, thereby creating a history of events.
  • FTP Upload
    You can also trigger a file upload to a server via FTP with an event.
  • Set Off Alarm Device
    It is even possible to make an event message trigger a visual alarm by setting off a police light, e.g. to alert personnel present on the shop floor to downtimes etc.

On demand, new events can be easily and rapidly implemented at little additional cost to meet each customer’s individual needs.

If you are interested in using Events & Actions please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.


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